Tuesday, January 16, 2018

MassillonLIVE! We Take you there!

January 16th 2018:

Massillon City School Supt. Rik Goodright, along with educators and administrators reach out during 'Community Coffee' event!

(Massillon): You could hear it in the background; the hustle and bustle of a busy coffee shop in the heart of downtown Massillon. The aroma filled the air as the shop filled up with educators and administrators from Massillon City Schools. The event; a new one at that; was set inside The Tremont Coffee Company and was designed to promote positive communication between our schools and the community.

School Supt. Rik Goodright addressed the group with information about the district highlighting its successes and challenges.

Below is our broadcast coverage of this event. Since it was held in a coffee shop; its gets a little loud from the coffee making machines; but since it was so tasty; we're sure nobody minded.

Monday, January 8, 2018

MassillonLIVE! We Take You There!

January 8th 2018:

Medical community gathers in anger and frustration over plans to close Affinity Medical Center!

(Massillon): During Mondays work session at Massillon City Council; city leaders turned their attention to a packed chamber consisting of doctors, nurses and medical specialists that were there for one reason; to show their anger, frustration, fear and sadness over being blindsided by the abrupt announcement to close the city's only hospital; Affinity Medical Center by February.

The address toward council was led by Massillon Mayor Kathy Catazaro-Perry; a medical professional herself who was very direct with her comments on the recent actions by the hospitals corporate ownership; 'Quorum' to rapidly close down and get out leaving Massillon residents without any type of critical care. One of those direct comments included filing an injunction to block the closure.

Below is MassillonLIVE's unedited CSPAN coverage of this emotional gathering. The broadcast is about 45 minutes in length. In addition to this broadcast; our second segment features Dr. Mona Shay; a former Chief of Staff from Affinity proposing the possible creation of a group to independently take over the hospital.

Here is our complete coverage of the reaction from our medical community during Mondays work session.

One Doctor steps up to propose a possible collaboration of physicians to take over Affinity Medical Center

Dr. Mona Shay steps up proposing a possible offer!


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

MassillonLIVE! We Take You There!

January 2nd 2018:

Mayor promises new fire station on Northeast side during 'State of the City' Address!

(Massillon): During the first Massillon City Council meeting of 2018; Mayor Kathy Catazaro-Perry presented her 'State of the City' address to councilmembers. Much of the presentation was upbeat and positive and reflects the accomplishments the administration and city council achieved over the past year. Among the many highlights of her presentation; two significant topics were noted.

1: Her commitment to establish a fire station on the cities Northeast side
2: Her administration now has a direction on how they want to approach the Rezzy issue.

Below is our broadcast of her complete address. It is about thirty minutes in length so grab the popcorn, sit back and enjoy.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

MassillonLIVE! We Take You There!

December 26th 2017:

City Council adjusts budget to reflect line item changes with Park and Rec. Department!

(Massillon): Massillon City Council held a special meeting Tuesday night to adjust the 2018 fiscal budget that was previously proposed and submitted. According to Councilmen Ed Lewis; Finance Chairmen; the budget needed to be adjusted to reflect changes within the Park and Recreation budget that dealt specifically with salaries; one being the salary of newly appointed Park Director Steve Pedro.

Following is broadcast coverage from Tuesdays special meeting:

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

MassillonLIVE! We Take You There!

October 31st 2017:

Town Hall Meeting between residents and city is positive; informational and engaging!

(Massillon): From law enforcement, to our street repaving program, to discussion about the options for the Rezzy, City Administrators did their homework as they engaged with residents in a proactive positive manner that shows our community is heading in the right direction.

Tuesdays Town Hall Meeting was hosted by Mayor Kathy Catazaro Perry and featured other city leaders including Police Chief Keith Moser, Fire Chief Tom Burgasser and Safety Service Director Joel Smith as well as others.

On this night; these community leaders were honest, forward and engaging on many of the issues faced by our hometown.. If you have the time; grab the popcorn, sit back and view our broadcast coverage. It is indeed informative and may well answer a few questions that you as a Massillonian just might have,,enjoy!

Monday, October 30, 2017

MassillonLIVE!  We Take You There!

October 3oth 2017:

A Busy Work Session For City Council!

Council receives proposal to purchase two new pumper trucks for fire department and hears report on proposed locations for medical marijuana outlets in the city!

(Massillon): In keeping with the tradition; Massillon City Council addressed several issues during Mondays work session. In addition to the ongoing research over the governing powers of the Park and Recreation Board; council also looked at two proposals taking their attention.

During the work session; Fire Chief Tom Burgasser proposed to council the possible purchase of two new pumper trucks for his department; and explained why they are needed. Safety Service Director Joel Smith laid out the cost factors for the proposal.

Below is coverage from Chief Burgasser and Safety Service Director Smiths proposal to  council.


Council also heard a report Monday night about proposed locations submitted to the city for medical marijuana outlets. Below is that report from Dave Maley.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

MassillonLIVE!  We Take You There !

October 22nd 2017:

Democratic State Representative Thomas West addresses local issues on MassillonLIVE!

(Massillon): State Representative Thomas West recently spoke out about issues facing Ohio, Stark County and Massillon. West; a first year Democrat sat down with our own Ed Grier for an exclusive interview on MassillonLIVE!

Now that election season is upon us; 'MassillonLIVE' will begin a series of interviews with local candidates running for Massillon City Council over the next few weeks.

Prior to election day; 'MassillonLIVE' will publish endorsements of the candidates that we feel would successfully lead Massillon into the future.