Monday, February 26, 2018

MassillonLIVE! We Take You There!

February 26, 2018

Massillon City Schools address safety issues during community forum!

(Massillon): It was close to a packed house as parents; grandparents and family members from across town came together for a community forum to address the controversial issue of school safety and security; something that has the concern of Americans across the nation as well as Massillonians.

During tonight's forum; MCS administrators addressed many of the issues that are on the minds of residents which includes finding the best ways to keep our children safe while at school.

Mondays meeting was comprehensive. Residents heard from several administrators including Supt. Rik Goodright on what the district has done to protect our kids and what they would like to do. They also opened the floor to smaller table meetings with residents to get their feedback.

Tonight's coverage of this special forum begins with the opening address from Supt. Goodright. Below are broadcast clips from other educators about how to protect our children while in school.


As mentioned; residents attending the forum broke into smaller groups to address their concerns to administrators who sat in at every table. Some of the major concerns included; whether or not to allow teachers to carry guns in the classroom; to additional safety training for bus drivers; to using retired veterans to help protect school property; just to mention a few.
Results of Mondays forum; including input from residents; will be posted on the district website within the next few weeks. The importance of this meeting also had the attention of city leaders with the attendance of Massillon Mayor Kathy Catazaro Perry and Safety Service Director Joel Smith.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

MassillonLIVE! We Take You There!

February 11th 2018:

Stark County District Library serves community with just about everything...including pornography!

(Editorial): There has been much chatter throughout our community lately about the fact that our Stark County District Library, a 'hub of knowledge' for the entire family, now serves up a side of pornography. Yep! when your teenage daughter is walking through the library; she may pass someone seated at the computer surfing porn. Is it legal? Yes! Does it protect the moral fabric of our community? That is a resounding NO!


The Stark County District Library is following our constitutional rights of the 'Freedom of Speech' and the 'Freedom of Expression'. As a matter of fact; if they denied access to information (which includes pornography) to the public; they would be denying your constitutional rights! On the other side; Sherie Brown; the Director of The Massillon Public Library says that they do not allow it and are committed to making sure the library is 'safe and welcoming for all ages and patrons'. There is also that whole thing about determining the difference between pornography and art. We'll address that another day. Since the Stark County District Library caters to family; there is a moral issue here. We have an obligation to protect the innocence of our children. How can we do this in a way that would not deny unlimited computer access to users?


One way to resolve this problem would be to stage the set up of the library in a matter that would protect the innocent but yet still be accessible.

When it comes to staging your computer area; library personnel could create a certain area with computers that provide 'unlimited access'. That area could be away from the public walk areas. To go a step further; say a library has 20 computers; the library could separate and designate five of those computers as 'unlimited access' and post signs saying so.

In todays times; we seem to be on 'information overload'. Maybe the problem isn't the unlimited access; but how to protect our moral code. It's the age old saying; 'We have seen the enemy and he is us!' In the end; the moral choice will always be yours.


Thursday, February 8, 2018

MassillonLIVE! We Take You There!

February 8th 2018:

Massillon City School Supt. Rik Goodright addresses community with 'State of our Schools' presentation!

(Massillon): With a crowd consisting of mostly educators; Massillon City School Supt. Rik Goodright presented his annual 'State of the Schools' address Thursday night.

Below is broadcast coverage of his address.

Monday, January 29, 2018

MassillonLIVE! We take you there!

January 29th 2018:

City Council reviews street pavement program and explores making Law Director full time position!

(Massillon): It was a busy Monday for city council during their final work session of January. From reviewing the 2018 street pavement program submitted by city engineers to whether or not to move the cities Law Director position from part time to full time. Many council members feel such a move would reduce the cost of retaining outside legal counsel to represent the city on certain issues; including the legal representation in the fight to stop the closing of Affinity Medical Center.

One of the concerns that some councilmembers had with the road pavement program was how to determine which streets received higher priority then others. Engineers said the
pavement program is in the beginning stages and that once the project is finalized; the list will be posted on the cities website. Below is broadcast coverage of their 2018 pavement program presentation.

In addition to the street presentation; council also explored the possibility of moving the cities Law Director position; currently held by Andrea Scassa; from part time to full time.
Below is broadcast coverage of that conversation.
Council also discussed the construction of the new fire station on the cities Northeast side as well as the latest developments in their fight to stop Affinity Medical Center from closing. A determination by a judge will be made on February 1st on whether or not to approve legal action to force the owners of Affinity to stay open for 120 days to allow for patient transition. Those owners are fighting that action. Council then adjourned to executive session to further discuss that issue.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

MassillonLIVE! We Take You There!

January 23rd 2018:

Democrats making their move! 2018 Congressional Candidate Ken Harbaugh outlines his platform which includes health care!

(Massillon): The flood gates are opening. Now that we're into the new year; the Democratic Party is making its move to challenge several key offices across the state and the nation.

One of those seats is in the 7th congressional district; currently held by Republican Bob Gibbs. A new and upcoming candidate challenging Gibbs this year is Democrat Ken Harbaugh.

Harbaugh seems to be focused and community driven. He talks with MassillonLIVE's Larry Slagle about his concerns; his ideas; especially healthcare and his background as a decorated Veteran.

Below is our broadcast with Ken Harbaugh; the Democratic Candidate for Congress. We feel the best choices are made by informed voters.

Monday, January 8, 2018

MassillonLIVE! We Take You There!

January 8th 2018:

Medical community gathers in anger and frustration over plans to close Affinity Medical Center!

(Massillon): During Mondays work session at Massillon City Council; city leaders turned their attention to a packed chamber consisting of doctors, nurses and medical specialists that were there for one reason; to show their anger, frustration, fear and sadness over being blindsided by the abrupt announcement to close the city's only hospital; Affinity Medical Center by February.

The address toward council was led by Massillon Mayor Kathy Catazaro-Perry; a medical professional herself who was very direct with her comments on the recent actions by the hospitals corporate ownership; 'Quorum' to rapidly close down and get out leaving Massillon residents without any type of critical care. One of those direct comments included filing an injunction to block the closure.

Below is MassillonLIVE's unedited CSPAN coverage of this emotional gathering. The broadcast is about 45 minutes in length. In addition to this broadcast; our second segment features Dr. Mona Shay; a former Chief of Staff from Affinity proposing the possible creation of a group to independently take over the hospital.

Here is our complete coverage of the reaction from our medical community during Mondays work session.

One Doctor steps up to propose a possible collaboration of physicians to take over Affinity Medical Center

Dr. Mona Shay steps up proposing a possible offer!


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

MassillonLIVE! We Take You There!

January 2nd 2018:

Mayor promises new fire station on Northeast side during 'State of the City' Address!

(Massillon): During the first Massillon City Council meeting of 2018; Mayor Kathy Catazaro-Perry presented her 'State of the City' address to councilmembers. Much of the presentation was upbeat and positive and reflects the accomplishments the administration and city council achieved over the past year. Among the many highlights of her presentation; two significant topics were noted.

1: Her commitment to establish a fire station on the cities Northeast side
2: Her administration now has a direction on how they want to approach the Rezzy issue.

Below is our broadcast of her complete address. It is about thirty minutes in length so grab the popcorn, sit back and enjoy.