Sunday, July 8, 2018

We Take You There: African American History:

July 8th 2018:

From Slavery to Leadership; Celebrating Massillon's African American Heritage!

(Massillon): From the perils of escaping slavery through the underground railroad; to the sweat and endurance to do whatever it takes to survive; to having the courage and fortitude to take a stand against daily adversity; the history of Massillon's African American Families runs long and deep.

'MassillonLIVE' had the opportunity to sit down with our Ed Grier and Bill Poole to take a closer look at some of our African American Families and the roles they played that made our community stronger. These are families with strong hearts and deep pride.

Below is our interview with Mr. Grier and Mr. Poole.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

MassillonLIVE! We Take You There!

June 24th 2018:

From House Floor .. To Immigration .. To what's happening in Massillon; State Representative Kirk Schuring  sits down with MassillonLIVE!

(Massillon): It was another week of hot button issues in the news. Along with those issues come questions and opinions. 'MassillonLIVE' had the opportunity to sit down with State Representative Kirk Schuring (48th District) and address some of those concerns.

Our own Larry Slagle talked with Schuring about what's happening on the State House Floor, to legislation that may involve Massillon; including the loss of Affinity Medical Center and the recent raids on Freshmark. 

Below is Larry's 'one on one' conversation with State Representative Schuring..


Tuesday, June 19, 2018

MassillonLIVE! We Take You There!

June 20th 2018:

Foster Care! Growing up in the system!

A candid conversation with two young men who survived the system and want to make it better!

(Massillon): Their names are Riccardo and Jeremie. These two young men have one thing in common. They were raised in foster care.

In this broadcast interview; Riccardo and Jeremie talk about their experiences growing up in the system. They'll talk about being hungry when the refrigerator was locked with chains. They'll remember when they were beaten and abused. They'll reflect about a friend who was shot down and killed in front of them on the streets.

This is the story about becoming stronger because you had no other choice. These two men were raised in a system that offered the basic human needs but had no long term love and compassion. They sat down with our own Ed Grier and talked first hand about their lives in foster care. If you would like more information; we invite you to reach out to Riccardo at 234-650-1981 or Jeremie at 614-557-1461.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

MassillonLIVE! We Take You There!

June 10th 2018:

'I-CAN Housing' Bringing those who are lost on the streets ... home!

( Massillon): As we make our way through the streets we're busy. We're looking at traffic, talking on our phones and texting while driving (not a good thing). Maybe if we all JUST STOPPED, we might notice things that many of us turn away from. We'll call these things, 'people', more specifically 'Street people'.

They're right there; walking by as you sit at a traffic light. Come on! You don't see them? Well, in reality, we DO see them. We just don't acknowledge them. They are the lost souls. They are the men and women looking for 'something'. In the end; perhaps the only real thing they really need is.. compassion!

There is an organization that does just that. This organization is built on federal dollars but in the end; the people behind it, like many others in our community, are there because of their commitment to provide the basic love and compassion that every soul needs and deserves.

Julie Sparks is the Executive Director for 'I-CAN' Housing, a federally funded agency that works the streets looking for 'The Lost!' When her street team finds them, they work with their funding to create an opportunity. This opportunity will provide a roof over their head, nourishment and support they need to help them take the next step toward a better life.

I-CAN also works with other agencies throughout our community like 'CommQuest' to provide counseling services as well.

We need your eyes. If you feel that you have encountered a lost soul, make the call! You can reach out to' I-CAN' Housing at:330-455-9100. Julie and her team along with all of us here at MassillonLIVE would appreciate it.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

MassillonLIVE! We Take You There! Editorial:

May 20th 2018:

Campus shootings!
As a community, the solution may be in our hands!

(Massillon): Another day, another shooting. The sad reality is with so many acts of violence, we have become desensitized. That is a very dark statement. Our children are dying at the hands of a violent act and we feel helpless. It's the guns! It's the lobbyists with the NRA! There's not enough mental health support! Many of these statements have merit but the bigger question is, even if all of those statements were in order, would that have stopped a determined shooter with a plan, or just changed that plan to meet that shooters ultimate conclusion of violence.

Have we come to a point where we have lost respect for human life? Thanks to the media and the entertainment industry, have we become numb to violence? These very issues may play a role in changing an awkward teen or someone with a heavy burden into a mass killer. To this point, all we have been able to do as a nation has been to react to these massacres.


To heck with Washington. It seems by the time they make a decision we will all be dead and gone from old age. Massillon is a unique city. First of all, we are a tight little town of folks that have each others back. Always have been. Secondly, resolving a problem is a lot easier when there's not a lot of hoops to jump through. You see a problem and you take measures to find a solution. Below are a few examples of that.


Some people said it was a crazy idea, but the Massillon City Schools went ahead and installed a metal detector in the main entrance area of Washington High School. All students must go in and out through that area. At the open and close of school, the Resource Officers (Police) are out front on the grounds to be a friend and a guardian. Other security measures are being activated throughout the district that we won't talk about for security reasons.


If you've ever had to go to court to pay a parking ticket then you know that in order to get access to our courts, you go through a check point metal detector with law enforcement standing guard.

In addition, a new detection system is now in place on the administration side and manned by law enforcement during city council meetings. City council chambers will also undergo security changes in the near future. The mayors office is being addressed as well. Bottom line? Massillon is doing whatever it takes to protect its citizens and our children. That doesn't mean something couldn't happen. That is why we should always be aware of our surroundings which leads us to our final thought.


Recently our city council and administration were addressed by Patrolmen Aaron Franklin of the Massillon Police Department. The topic? 'ALICE' which stands for ALERT, LOCKDOWN, INFORM, COUNTER and EVACUATE. This training presentation deals with how to respond to an active shooter situation. It is very informative and could save lives if anyone at city hall is faced with an active shooter. If you would like more information about this training presentation for your group or business, contact Patrolmen Franklin at The Massillon Police Department at 330-830-1755.

Massillon is not going to wait for Washington to come up with an answer. As a community, we'll work hard with each other to protect ourselves as a community. We hope that other communities will look into their own strengths to protect themselves. Perhaps the best thing to do in Washington is to mandate federal funding for safety protocols that we discussed here today for communities and schools across the country.


Sunday, May 13, 2018

MassillonLIVE! We take you there! Analysis:

May 13th 2018:

Are Trump's proposed immigration policies bringing fear and anxiety to Massillon's migrant communities?

(Massillon): This is the first in a series of investigative reports about the lives of immigrant families in Western Stark County and how the change in immigration law enforcement affects those families and our community.

It's a community gathering of sorts. On a Friday night; Guatemalan and Hispanic families usually show up at a local food distribution center to get assistance. It's been going on for some time here in Massillon. These families are part of a community of migrant workers that lead a somewhat secluded life on Massillon's south side.

Many of these families work for local companies doing jobs that no one else wants. Most walk to and from work quietly everyday. Are they illegal? That can only be determined by their individual cases.

We are hearing that fear and anxiety are growing throughout these communities because of the changes with immigration law and how those laws are enforced which includes the process for deportation. This fear is coming from migrant families that have no criminal records.

Massillon is not alone when it comes to migrant workers. Many communities across the nation have a demographic of migrant workers that do jobs that others simply don't want. The immigration laws and deportation process that goes with it are being re-written as we speak. How will those changes affect Massillon as a community?


The Guatemalan and Hispanic Communities bring a cultural diversity to our city. Should we be concerned that such proposed laws will literally erase that culture from a historical heritage that contributes to the foundation of our community? Because of these changes, one day we could wake up and these communities within our city will be gone! Entire families and neighbors removed! That lends to the next question.


We're sure many agree that our own Massillon Police Department represent a group of dedicated men and women that are committed to serving and protecting us in a hundred different ways. Frankly,we're lucky! Our officers are a part of the community. Many of us have created personal friendships and have come to know their families.

In talking with Immigration Advocate Al Cerranza, that answer is no. During the below interview Mr. Carranza says that the primary responsibility of immigration law enforcement is in the hands of I.C.E.

There are many questions that need to be asked.How would businesses deal with losing their migrant work force? From the local barber shop to Capitol Hill; immigration has become a hot button topic that has created turmoil across the country. Perhaps we need to remember that it was immigration that built this great nation. We also need to keep in mind that this same immigration could strangle us if we don't find a way to address it properly. A true leader will find a way to do this with respect and compassion for all cultures. 

Below are excerpts from our interview with Mr. Carranza talking with MassillonLIVE's Ed Grier. If you would like additional information, please reach out to the 'Immigrant Worker Project' at 330-454-2220

Monday, May 7, 2018

MassillonLIVE! We take you there!

May 7th 2018:

Affinity .. The Vote!

Council votes 9-0 to support possession legislation of hospital!

(Massillon): After serious dialogue, Massillon City Council voted unanimously to approve the possession legislation of the former Affinity Medical Center. In short, the city of Massillon now owns the hospital along with its assets and debts.




Now that the legislation is approved; it will be up to the Mayor and her team to attract a buyer. MassillonLIVE will keep you updated